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A Message from Our Founder

So that we can continue to provide you with high value, high impact and extremely effective personal and professional development that will help you, your team and your business or organisation to improve, evolve and get the results you need, all of our services can now be delivered remotely and online.

Delivered via webinars or video conferencing technology, we have the experience, knowledge, skills and strategies that will enable you to adapt, change and not just survive, but also thrive in the changing landscape and new world that we all find ourselves in.

Craig McHugh

Founder of Living Your Learning

Here at Living Your Learning, we have an unwavering desire to help improve people, leaders, and teams because we passionately believe that anyone can improve, evolve and be absolutely AWESOME!.

We believe this is achieved through amazing learning experiences that truly come to life and can be applied in the real world so that real results are achieved.

We just happen to provide world class, training, coaching and people development services.

Are you ready to be even better?

What We Do

Training and learning and development experiences for people, leaders, teams and people developers, that drives both personal and professional performance and that truly come to life and can be applied in the real world.

Great questions, thoughtful answers and amazing conversations for leaders, business owners and individuals that lead the way to assured positive action, your goals and real results.

Thorough planning and design, amazing support, fantastic delivery and robust evaluation of your people and organisational development initiatives.

A phenomenal development tool that allows you to get the very best from yourself, your team, your interactions and the world around you.

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