Coaching and Mentoring

Great questions, thoughtful answers and amazing conversations that lead the way to positive action, real growth and phenomenal results.

Coaching and Mentoring with a Difference

We like to think that being coached or mentored by one of our highly skilled and extremely experienced consultants is a little different. 

All of our consultants have at least 20 years of successful experience in the corporate and business worlds, in both senior leadership roles and also as business owners. Not only that, but they are also learning and people development experts and communication specialists, so they absolutely know how to develop people, teams, businesses and organisations and to get the very best out of them. 

In addition to this, all of our coaching and mentoring experiences are individual and unique to you and follow our own Steps to Success journey of learning and improvement which will ensure that you not only learn, but you also improve, evolve and become even better at what you do.

For Leaders and Managers

It is a misconception that coaching and mentoring is only for those that are not performing. In fact, those who are successful and at the top of their game, embrace and value coaching and mentoring just as much, and that includes managers and leaders. 

Through a series of amazing conversations, we will first help you to identify what’s going on around you and where you are heading. We will then work with you to help you gain a different perspective and if necessary to see, say and do things differently so that you and your people can get to where you want and need to be. 

And if you really want to bring your professional development to life, and to gain invaluable insights into your strengths and preferred behaviours, then you can also utilise the C-me Colour Profiling tool and incorporate the increased understanding and insights that it gives you into your coaching or mentoring discussions.

Coaching and Mentoring Themes 

Communicating with Impact

Vision, Purpose and Values

Leadership and Management Skills

Leading and Managing Change

Developing Your People

Professional and Personal Effectiveness

Performance Management

Career Development

The Mindset Mentor

Is your mind constantly on overdrive?

Do you wish you could take a break from the incessant thinking that you do?

Do you worry a lot or let nerves get the better of you?

Do you constantly feel anxious or stressed?

Do you lack motivation and wish you were more organised and productive?

Do you procrastinate, find it difficult to focus and feel like you never have enough time?

Does your thinking hold you back in any way?

Do you want to deal with setbacks, change and difficulties more effectively?

Do you want to develop your mindset and resilience?

Do you want to attract success?


If the answer to any or all of these is YES, then the Mindset Mentor is for you!

For leaders, managers and individual team members who want to strengthen their resilience and develop a highly effective high-performance mindset that achieves goals, gets results and most crucially succeeds in what matters most. 

Working in exactly the same way as our other coaching and mentoring experiences, the Mindset Mentor has one key difference. Using our very own Maximum Mindset model, we will focus purely on developing and improving your mindset so that you can be consistently more effective, more impactful, more successful and the very best, most awesome you!

Coaching and Mentoring Driven by You

 Whatever your requirements, the approach that we take to your personal and professional development is completely driven by you. During your initial and FREE 3 hour Discovery Consultation, we will discuss and agree with you which out of a coaching or mentoring approach is most suitable for you, what your outcomes are and what you want to achieve. Not only that, but we will also draw up a Plan of Action that will ensure you move up and reach the top of the Steps to Success.

And we don’t and won’t tie you down to a lengthy and costly programme either, because quite frankly, we don’t agree with that and feel that it’s completely unnecessary. At the start of any coaching or mentoring relationship, we don’t feel it’s possible to determine exactly what you need and how long that will take to explore, and so because of this, all we ask, is that after your FREE Discovery Consultation, you commit to just a further 6 hours. After the 6 hours are completed, a full and thorough review of your progress will be completed and you will decide whether you need and want to schedule any further sessions.

Flexible Coaching and Mentoring

Your 6 hours are also completely flexible and can be structured in a variety of ways. For example, you can have 2 sessions of 3 hours each, 3 sessions of 2 hours each, or even 6 sessions of 1 hour each. It’s completely up to you. Your coaching or mentoring sessions will also include a thorough plan of action, reviews of your progress and follow up emails so that you can see the progress you are making on your Steps to Success. Not only this, but you also have complete flexibility over whether your session is conducted in person, or, if you have a busy schedule and find it difficult to get away, you can also make use of Zoom, Skype or FaceTime to have your discussions.