Developing Awesome Leaders and Managers

Leadership and Management Development that gets Results

Every organisation’s success is driven by its Leaders and Managers. Without capable Leaders and Managers who are thinking, acting and communicating in the right way, an organisation will simply fail. 

Through developing new Leaders and Managers, to working with Senior Leaders and Managers so that they can develop even further, we will help them to acquire and apply the knowledge, behaviours and skills that will enable them, their teams and the organisation to succeed. 

From being able to drive an inspiring vision and purpose, through to connecting with and engaging their people and those they serve so that they can drive both improvement and performance, we have the tools, techniques and experience to help them think, act and communicate as the Leader or Manager that they need and want to be.

Our Approach

Here at Living Your Learning, we will only provide development that specifically meets the needs of your Leaders, Managers and your organisation. 

Through either our Leadership and Management development masterclasses, or a dedicated Leadership and Management development programme that we have designed specifically for you and perhaps supports a wider Succession Planning or Talent Development initiative, we will help you, your Leaders and your Managers to not only meet and overcome the challenges you face, but to thrive, resulting in you getting the success you want.

Regardless of the approach you choose, all of our masterclasses and development programmes follow our 4D and Steps to Success strategies so that you can be sure that your Leaders and Managers will receive not only the right training and development, but also training and development that works and will result in your business or organisation improving and getting results you need.

In addition to this, when developing Leaders and Managers, we can also utilise the C-me Colour Profiling development tool which will ensure that the learning not only comes to life, but it results in real change and real improvement being realised, so that your Leaders and Managers evolve and not just become better at what they do, they become brilliant at what they do.

And for those Leaders and Managers who are looking to be recognised for developing and improving their Leadership and Management capabilities, we can also provide accredited programmes that provide a recognised qualification too.

Examples of Our Masterclasses

Real Leadership

Coaching for Performance

Mindset Mastery for Leaders and Managers

Leading and Managing Change

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Managers 

Communicating with Impact

Challenging Conversations

Managing and Leading Projects

Leading Remote Teams 

Leading and Developing High Performing Teams

Performance Management

Presentation and Facilitation Skills

Examples of Our Development Programmes

Authentic Leadership (For New Leaders)

Management Fundamentals (For New Managers)

Leading to Success (For Experienced and Senior Leaders)

Coaching for Performance (All Levels of Leadership and Management)

Creating, Communicating and Realising a Vision of Purpose and Values (Culture and Organisational Development)