Developing People

Developing People to Perform at their Best

We all have the capacity and potential to improve and to be even better at what we do. And when that happens, here at Living Your Learning, we believe that we evolve into a better version of ourselves that achieves the right results and in the right way. Grounded in the tenets of amazing communication and phenomenal personal and professional effectiveness, we provide training and development that works and gets results, because we know that communication is the key to your success and absolutely everything you do

Our Approach

Our approach to developing people is both unique and flexible and very specific to the challenges that people face. From improving communication, behaviours, emotional intelligence and people skills within your business or organisation to developing and improving mindset and resilience, we help people connect with themselves, their colleagues and those they serve in the very best and most effective way.

Whether you want a masterclass or a wider development programme, we can ensure that you get development that you, your business, your organisation and your staff actually need. And when we also include and utilise Action Learning Sets or group Coaching, we will ensure the learning really comes to life and that it is being applied, embedded and making the right difference.

Not only this, all our masterclasses and programmes for developing people follow our 4D and Steps to Success strategies so that you can be sure that your people will receive training and development that works and will result in your business or organisation getting the results you need.

And should you wish to enrich the learning even further, we can also incorporate and utilise the C-me Colour Profiling development tools so that the development really comes to life and leads to real change and real, sustained results.

Examples of our Masterclasses

Maximise Your Mindset

Communicating with Impact

Exceptional Customer Service

Productivity and Time Management

Successful Sales

Influencing Skills

Negotiation Skills

Successful Telesales

Emotional Intelligence

Presenting with Impact

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Examples of our Development Programmes

Customer Engagement

Courageous Communication

Perfect People Skills

Maximising Professional and Personal Performance