The Mind Yourself Event

Helping You and Your Mindset be absolutely Awesome!

'Mind Yourself'

The ‘Mind Yourself’ event was born out of three people coming together to raise awareness of the importance of mental well-being and to help as many people as possible to be their best, most awesome selves by developing a great mindset and through learning, talking and supporting each other. Check out our inaugural event, held at the Future Technology Centre at the University of Portsmouth in this awesome video!

Why Mind Yourself?

In today’s fast paced, stressful and sometimes overwhelming world, where we are bombarded with a barrage of media, opinions, expectations, perceptions, worries and even our own thoughts, never has the mind mattered so much. In fact, it is said that our brains are not even geared up for the modern world, so never has it been more important to ‘mind’ yourself and to work on your mindset so that you can face the trials and tribulations of modern life head on. 

Our mindset and mental wellbeing can literally be the difference between doing and not doing, achieving and not achieving, succeeding and not succeeding. In fact, according to statistics from the Health and Safety Executive, 15.4 million working days were lost in the UK in 2017/18, due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. And with an average of 25.8 days lost per case, in total, 57% of all working days lost to ill-health, were due to stress and anxiety.

These are shocking, costly statistics and the reason we created Mind Yourself, because there can be another way and we don’t want this to be the reason why people can’t be all they can be. Despite what is happening and how we are feeling, we know that there is a way forward and that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and Mind Yourself is the start of that journey.


What You Get

For an extremely inspirational and value packed event and to support mental health awareness and well-being, we will bring you an occasion that focuses on helping you and your organisation’s mindset be absolutely awesome.

During the event we will give you not one, but THREE amazing talks from people who have not only experienced and battled the difficulties and struggles that life can throw at us, but have come out the other side with achievement, positivity, passion and awesome purpose.

And not only will we inspire you, we will also challenge your thinking and help you to see, say and do things differently by giving you practical tips, techniques and strategies that will enable you to be in control of your success and awesomeness and to maximise your mindset more consistently every single day.

In addition to this, we will also be donating at least 25% percent of the event proceeds to StrongMen in support of the amazing work they do

The Mind Yourself Team

Living Your Learning logo

Craig, the founder of Living Your Learning, is a learning and people development expert who has spent 20 years in a variety of private and public sector industries, successfully helping and enabling thousands of people and many businesses and organisations to develop, improve and get the results they need. 

From first hand experience, Craig knows just how important and precious resilience, mental wellbeing and an awesome mindset really is, which is why together with Ryan and Efrem, he created ‘Mind Yourself’ so that he can help as many people as possible develop theirs. 

Craig also passionately believes that anyone can improve, evolve and be awesome at what they do and through his business, Living Your Learning, he uses his skills as an inspirational and natural developer of people to provide amazing learning experiences that not only work, but can be applied back in the real world.

Ryan, the founder of Always Better Than Yesterday is a heart-led Leader, Mindset Coach and a true connector of people who encourages authentic vulnerability that leads to and builds amazing relationships. He is particularly skilful at connecting people with their strengths and challenging them to look at their opportunities for growth whilst also helping them connect with their personal ‘why’ so that they can be ‘always better than yesterday’, every single day. 

A psychology graduate, Ryan has spent the last 10 years working with Wiltshire Police in a variety of leadership roles, helping and enabling them to be the best they can be for those they serve. 

In addition to this, Ryan has also built a thriving Coaching practice called ‘Always Better Than Yesterday’ and a phenomenally successful Facebook group and community that spans the globe and is full of people who passionately believe in developing themselves and other people for the good of the world around them.

We are extremely proud and honoured to have Efrem, Co-founder of the bereavement support charity StrongMen, as an integral part of the ‘Mind Yourself’ team.

StrongMen are a charity with aims and ambitions to tackle emotional and mental health issues brought about by the suffering of bereavement and we are supporting their work by helping them to share their story and raise awareness of the amazing work that they do. We will also be donating of the event proceeds to them so that we can help them do even more. 

The amazing team at StrongMen provide and deliver FREE weekend breaks for men aged between 18 and 55 who have suffered the bereavement of a spouse, child, parent or sibling. 

During these fantastic events and expeditions, they provide a safe place for men to talk and relax in an environment with people who have suffered similar experiences and circumstances, which is absolutely crucial to them overcoming their challenges and difficulties.

This is because mental health issues within men is a very difficult subject to tackle and for many reasons. Grief in particular is one of the biggest causes of conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress and in extreme cases, PTSD. And because of the inspiring personal experiences that the team behind StrongMen have, they believe they can create a unique service that encourages and promotes men to talk about and overcome their problems and challenges.

The Mind Yourself Event

The Mind Yourself event is a half-day event, consisting of three amazing talks and a question and answer session, delivered by three people who know from first hand experience just how important a great mindset, awesome resilience and fantastic mental well-being really is.

Each value packed and inspirational talk lasts approximately fifty-five minutes, leaving thirty minutes at the end of the event for a group question and answer session, where all three speakers will take to the stage at the same time to field questions and to give further insights. 

As with everything we do though, there is complete flexibility and we will always work with you to structure the event in a way that works best for you and the audience.

Mind Yourself Online

So that we can reach and help as many people as possible, particularly during these difficult and challenging times, we can also provide the ‘Mind Yourself’ event completely remotely and online.

Delivered via a webinar, which is fully interactive and includes question and answer sessions with our three speakers, Mind Yourself Online gives you maximum inspiration, phenomenal impact and complete flexibility wherever you and your colleagues are.

Talk Number One

The awesome Ryan Hartley kicks off the event with a fascinating insight into how to be ‘Always Better Than Yesterday’. Providing the audience with an awesome toolkit of phenomenal strategies that have guided him on his own journey, Ryan will share his own experiences that have resulted in him developing his mindset and being able to show up every single day and give his best, regardless of what he is facing. From discussing and exploring the importance of purpose and finding their ‘why’ to the impact of values, the right habits and community, this first talk will inspire the audience to be ‘Always Better Than Yesterday’ each and every day.

Talk Number Two

Continuing with the event and focussing on practical tips, techniques and strategies that develops and enables an awesome mindset, Craig will take the audience on an immersive and interactive journey that not only explains what impacts it and why, but also the actions that need to be taken to overcome the challenges that prevents our mindset from being at its best. 

Discussing and exploring a number of key areas such as the brain and how it works; the power of our thoughts and emotions; the importance and significance of the present moment and the role emotional intelligence plays in our effectiveness, this talk will leave the audience with clear and easy to apply strategies that can be used every single day, regardless of where they are, what they’re doing and what they’re facing.

Talk Number Three

Our final talk is an absolute show stopper and the perfect conclusion to what we know will be an extremely valuable and inspirational few hours. 

From overcoming the depths of despair and personal tragedy to starring on Channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins and then setting up his amazing organisation, StrongMen, Efrem is the epitome of what can be achieved and overcome with purpose, passion and an awesome mindset. 

Sharing first hand experiences that will take the audience on a roller coaster of emotions, from sadness and disbelief to overwhelming empathy and inspiration, Efrem will provide a unique insight into his almost unbelievable life story that just has to be heard.

So here is our pledge. We will take the ‘Mind Yourself’ event wherever we can, so that we not only help as many people as we can, but also continue to support the amazing work that StrongMen do. So, If you think ‘Mind Yourself’ would be of value to a school, university or organisation you work with or know, then get in touch with us. Let us bring you this awesome event so that you, your business or organisation can have an amazing mindset and be more awesome every day!

Craig McHugh

Founder of Living Your Learning