Developing Amazing Teams

Turning Individuals Into Teams That Perform

Whilst our individual attributes, attitudes and abilities are crucial to our own success, we can’t do everything on our own. In today’s world and in the the vast majority of businesses and organisations, we are also often part of a wider team. And if that team can’t communicate amazingly, if it doesn’t pull together for each other, in the same direction and for the same cause, it is practically impossible to succeed. And if the team doesn’t succeed, individuals will not succeed, so here at Living Your Learning, we will work with you and provide the right Team Development in order to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Our Approach

In addition to providing stand-alone Masterclasses that focus on specific areas of Team Development, we can also provide a bespoke Team Development Programme that is designed to meet the specific needs of both your Teams and your Business or Organisation.

Using our unique 4D and Seven Steps to Success Strategies, our team development offering can also include and make use of the C-me Colour Profiling development tools, which when supported by individual Coaching or group Action Learning Sets, is an is extremely effective way of not only bringing the learning to life, but also building and developing amazing Teams that perform at the highest level.

Because doing this will enable you to not only build and develop your Teams, but also sustain high performing Teams that truly make a difference, communicate brilliantly and succeeds for each other, their customers and a purpose and cause they all passionately believe in.

Our Masterclasses

Team Reset

Team Roles, Strengths and Functions

Communicating with Impact

Team Strategy and Planning

Emotional Intelligence

Mindset Mastery

Time Management

Creativity and Innovation

Presentation Skills

Team Vision, Purpose and Values

Our Development Programmes

The High Performing Teams Programme