Train the Trainer

World Class Learning and Development and Train The Trainer solutions for Learning Professionals of all kinds!

Developing Those Who Develop Others

Developing the people who develop others is absolutely crucial. And because these people undertake such important roles, it is vital that this development is the right development and embeds the very best, skills, attitudes, communication and behaviours. 

So here at Living Your Learning, because we are experts in both learning and people development, we are perfectly suited to provide the very best development and Train the Trainer solutions to the people who have such a big impact on the success of others.

Our Approach

As with everything we do, our approach to developing People Developers and Train the Trainer follows our unique 4D and Seven Steps to Success Strategies, so you can be absolutely certain that your People Developers will come away with the best skills, attitude and behaviours to perform their people development roles.

In addition to delivering Masterclasses as stand-alone courses, if required, we can also design and deliver a specific and more detailed development programme that will ensure the needs of your People, Team, Business or Organisation are not only met, but surpassed.

Examples of our Masterclasses

Coaching and Mentoring Skills

Learning Strategy and Needs Analysis

Learning Design

Learning Delivery and Facilitation Skills

Evaluating Learning Value


Our Development Programmes

The Facilitating Learning Programme

Based on over 20 years of research, observations and learning and development experience in organisations of all sizes and across a variety of industries; this development programme has been designed to give learning professionals exactly what they need to excel and most crucially, drive and facilitate the development, improvement and learning that gets results!

Delivered either virtually, in person, a mixture of both, to both individuals and groups; the Facilitating Learning programme provides maximum flexibility and phenomenal impact, whilst also exploring and deep diving into the areas of learning and development that matter the most!

And with theory, learning experiences, techniques and tactics that work and can be applied immediately back in the real world, this programme will help Front-Line Trainers, Facilitators and Learning Professionals of all kinds to truly lead the way in their profession, their organisation and beyond!